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so, i'm sure that everyone has noticed by now...that this club is no longer active.

i'm very sorry. to all members and those waiting to join.

it's just that i (kinky-chichi) simply didn't have enough time to even continue to spend the 10hours on average to create each background to make up a whole castle, let alone answer notes, and edit journals, and make activities and have a life. and although i did split up these jobs between other admins...that didn't really work. at all. so it died

it's no ones fault in particular...apart from perhaps my own in ever thinking that this scale of a club could EVER work on DA at all -___- seriously, it takes like an hour to sort and join each member. even just joining all of the waiting members is ALOT of work, let alone submitting devs and awarding + counting house points and all.

Hogwarts-Castle just can't work on DA. it's dead.

however i still plan to make it on it's own website. it's like my dream, and it will day.

the only thing is i'll need alot of help.

i'm not talking about help in admining the site yet, i'm talking about in actually MAKING the site. i know nothing about making websites, i have Dreamweaver now...but it will take me a hell of a long time to teach myself enough to actually use it to make this awesome cool site i see in my head.

so i'm asking, is anyone out there good at making websites? (i would provide ALL design and images and stuff. i just cant put it together into a working site) i think i'm going to want some pretty complicated stuff, like individual logins and accounts and stuff. so if you are knowledgeable in HTML and can do some fancy stuff...or know anyone else who can, then please let me know.

i may even be willing to commission and pay for work on the site to be done. but as a last resort really, cos i only work a minimum wage i'm not exactly rich, and i'm sure a large site will cost enough to run on it's own. x___x but i'm willing to try and fund it. try.

speaking of which....
does anyone know any really good deals in web hosting??

it's a possibility that the site might get quite large D: many many pages, kind of like a mini mini DA/gaia in the form of Hogwarts. as i said i dont know anything about websites, just that they cost money u__u

so if anyone could point me in the right direction for good website hosting, for large/complicated websites? that would be really helpful also.

god i really need some help. ;___; dont count that this website will ever happen, but i will try my very hardest to make it so. (after September. i will be way too busy until October. so website planning will start then. hopefully)

anyways. sorry again members. DA-hogwarts-castle is just tooo ridiculously hard to keep up with. you cannot imagine.
but with a little luck, alot of help and alot of work, Hogwarts-Castle will be it's own little website that you can join some time in the future.
Thanks for all your patients. and thanks if you can help out in any way. <3

Headmistress~ Kinky-chichi

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I like your username :aww:
Maki121 Dec 18, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
would you by chance want to re-open the ground? I would love to help out ;)
SweetAmberkins Dec 14, 2010  Student Digital Artist
I wanted to join :'(
deviantART muro drawingComment Drawing
pepsicola56 Dec 3, 2010  Student General Artist
aww man that sucks
Aww no ! I really wanted to join !! D: Oh well...
Hullo ~ I'm not even sure this is where to ask, but whatever. Would it be okay if I used your Hogwarts Maps for a role play I'm doing? Its nothing large scale, and the role play will probably only last a month or two. Permission? If you... Even see this xD
Aww noooo! I wanted to join!! :'( Ah well...
Is the website up and running or has that idea been dropped yet??
xSnapeSoulmatex Jun 1, 2010
aww too bad its no longer active, 'twas a lovely club :nod:
My contribution n___n

harry --> [link]

hermione --> [link]

ron --> [link]

malfoy --> [link]
Just to let everyone know, there is a Harry Potter roleplay site at [link] We would love to have new members and would love to see you there. We have a semi-new premise and it's really fun! ^^

Hope to see you there,

Toby A.K.A Boobilly1313
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