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January 21, 2007
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7th Floor by Hogwarts-Castle 7th Floor by Hogwarts-Castle
The 7th Floor of Hogwarts-Castle

6th Floor
:Ground Floor:


There are floors that go above this level, like the astronomy tower, the spire of the main tower building, and the gryffindor towers, but there are no classes there, so navigating up there should be non of your concern. ;)
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Kamali-Haru Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013
Thank you so much for doing these, they're amazing!
Celsy Featured By Owner May 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
my scandalous secrets are none of your concern. ;)
92mitchell Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2011
Oh, and slytherin common room is in dungeons and ravenclaw common room is in ravenclaw tower which is on the west side of hogwarts
92mitchell Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2011
This is good but there are a few mistakes id like to point out if u dont mind
7th Floor: The room of requirement is not there, neither is professor flitwicks office, the hall of hexes, the arithmancy classroom, the fat lady's corridor, the north wing, professor trelawneys office and the bathroom that fred and george used to sell their merchandise.
6th Floor: The area where the east tower is is that the east wing? There is also the bathroom where harry sectumsemprad malfoy, is that the bathroom on the map because there are two bathrooms on the 6th floor.The ancient runes classroom, professor slughorns office and the room of rewards (not to be confused with the trophy room) are also missing.
5th Floor: The prefects bathroom, art classroom and music classroom are missing, muggle studies is on a different floor.
4th Floor: Pretty good, just missing the bathroom where montague appeared and professor binns' office instead of the corridor
3rd Floor: Also alright but missing charms classroom, passage to honeydukes, library (its on 3rd & 4th floors), D.A.D.A classroom, fluffy corridor and the clock tower.
2nd Floor: D.A.D.A professors office missing.
1st Floor: History of magic classroom is missing, so is muggle studies classroom, the whole hospital wing is on this floor, missing madam pomfreys office, mcgonagalls office, the stone bridge, tapestry corridor, potions storeroom, the bathroom where hermione got attacked by a troll, and the quad battlements.
Ground Floor: Missing staffroom, the transfiguration wing is in exactly the right place well done, missing firenzes classroom, the quad and the viaduct
Basement: Change the name of Dungeon level One to basement and put all the potions classrooms and dungeons on the dungeons below the basement, because the basement contains the kichens and house elf quarters, the hufflepuff common room and the boathouse.
Dungeons: Potions classroom, cupboards, snapes office, The trapdoor below fluffy leads to chambers in the dungeons.
Chamber of Secrets: Chamber of secrets

Astronomy tower
Bell towers (ground floor map they are both next to offices, one of them is filchs office)
Clock tower (starts at third floor)
Dark tower (where sirius was imprisoned)
D.A.D.A. Tower
Grand staircase tower (one corner of the quad)
Gryffindor tower (common room at top of tower, One corner of the quad)
Headmasters tower
Hospital Tower (middle left side of quad) Quad=Courtyard towers at each (4) corners and a tower in between the nothern and southern one so 6 towers
North tower (divination tower, Corner of the quad)
Stone bridge tower (corner of the quad)
Suspension bridge tower (middle right side of the quad)
West tower (owlery)

You also forgot Dumbeldores tomb and Hogsmeade

Im not criticising you u did a fantstic job just do a little research first.
Kinky-chichi Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2013   Digital Artist
Hi, 2 years late, but just wanted to say thanks for taking te time to write all those tips. But this was made as a on-going 'RPG' map, it was never finished, and members who played OC teachers were choosing where they wanted their class rooms to go, so that's why some are out of place and missing. There are obviously other things missing too and a million rooms left unlabled, but yeah, it was a WIP, not edited since 2006. ...just wanted to explain that. ^u^;;
Jeanette9a Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013
i swear that those rooms changes places over the years, if i din't know better i would say they do that just to mess with us.
and hey since you know a lot do you have a map?
1258brun Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
and snapes personal stores :)
christabelle73 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2011
I think you should have included the houses common rooms and dorms
BMATSEA Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2011
i would have iked to have seen where the dorms are. While it might not seem to be any of my concern to would help to visualize it better. Did you use any other references for making this?
PluivantLaChance Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
7th floor north towers - gryffindor
dungeon corridor - slytherin
nearby kitchen - hufflepuff
7th floor west towers - ravenclaw
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